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About us

About what we do and why you should consider us!

We work with the latest technological solutions, equipment and materials.

We pay attention to the needs of each client and seek to understand their unique
requirements. Our goal is to create individual solutions that meet and exceed each client’s expectations.

We protect and promote the company name. Trust is the most important criterion when working with customers.

We have experienced and qualified professionals with many years of construction

UAB Consolius LT stands out as one of the most promising companies with experienced and competent specialists in its team. The company’s employees are not only highly experienced but also highly professional in construction management, enabling them to effectively manage and coordinate various construction projects.

The company focuses on building from foundation to turnkey, working with regular
subcontractors where necessary to ensure the smooth and successful completion of each project.

A strong focus on the quality of work and the needs of our clients is one of the company’s main priorities. This approach to work helps to build trust with existing clients and ensures the company’s high reputation in the construction sector.

Consolius LT states that well-organised and efficient work is the key to successful project implementation. Therefore, it constantly strives to ensure that the work process is carried out smoothly, that teamwork is effective and that resources are used optimally in order to ensure a high quality of work results and customer satisfaction.

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